Skill - Slayer Edit

Slayer skill is increased by the player killing the the required number of the mobs specified by their slayer task. Mobs range from zombies and skeletons through to Ghasts and Blazes. There even a small chance to get an Ender Dragon as a task!

Once a player has a task they cannot get a new slayer task until they complete or clear the current one. There is an experience bonus for completing the slayer task. There is a $1000 penalty for clearing the slayer task. There is also a clear task book available in the Rewards Shop.

Commands Edit

To get a new slayer task type: /skills gettask in the chat display.

To view your current slayer task status: /skills task in the chat display.

To remove the current task for a $1000 penalty type: /skills cleartask in the chat display.

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