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Skilling Armour Edit

Skilling armour is unbreakable leather armour that gives bonus experience in certain skills. For example, each piece of the mining armour will give an extra 2% experience every time a a player who is wearing the armour earns experience. If the player is wearing all four armour items i.e helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots, they would receive an overall 8% experience bonus.

Skilling armour is only obtainable from treasure hunter.

The bonus values of the armour are as follows:

Skill Experience


Agility 2%
Combat 4%
Farming 2%
Fishing 3%
Mining 2%
Slayer 4%
Woodcutting 2%

Skillzor Armour Edit

Skilling Armour can be crafted into a unique type of armour called Skillzor Armour. It is white in colour and grants the experience boost for all the skills simultaneously. A sort of one stop suit of skilling armour. For example: if a player has all the helmets for each of the seven skills, they can be crafted into a Skillzor Helmet by placing all seven helmets into a crafting table. The result will show as a regular leather item but will change into Skillzor Armour once the player clicks it.

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