The In-Game Scoreboard Edit

The Acid Mines Server has an on screen scoreboard that displays useful player information such as the in-game time and skills information and Acid Mines website address.

By default whenever experience is earned it will show for 5 seconds:

  • Skill name
  • Skill level
  • Current experience
  • Experience required for the next level.

The red numbers have no purpose and can be ignored - they are there because they cannot be removed.

Commands Edit

A list of scoreboard commands can be seen by typing /sb in the chat display.

To display the scoreboard in the game screen type: /sb on in the chat display.

To remove the scoreboard from the game screen type: /sb off in the chat display.

Modes Edit

To show a skill after earning experience for 5 seconds (default) type: /sb mode auto in the chat display.

To show skill after earning experience constantly type: /sb mode on in the chat display.

To show no skills at any time type: /sb mode off in the chat display.

To show a certain skill permanently even if you earn experience in a different skill type: /sb mode <skillname> in the chat display.

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