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Money Edit

"You say that money isn't everything, But I'd like to see you live without it" - Silverchair (Song: Tomorrow Album: Frogstomp 1995)

Emeralds are the usual currency in Minecraft. The Acid Mines server has developed this idea to form it's own in-game monetary system using a standardised emerald exchange system. Put more simply: Emeralds can be exchanged for money. The Emerald City Mall acts as a kind of reserve bank setting the emerald price and offering exchange services to players. Emerald prices are based on a super secret formula known only to PSP, our chief reserve banker and are variable from day to day. It pays to keep an eye on it - whispered legends still circulate about the time that the emerald price reached $250 each!

Emeralds can be gained from several sources including:

  • Mining - most common in extreme hills biomes;
  • Rewards Shop - redeem reward points for emeralds;
  • Trading with Villagers - Exchange items for emeralds;
  • Treasure Hunt - Get lucky and win some gems.
  • Donations store - Go to the Acid Mines website and buy some
  • To the authors knowledge, there are no shops selling emeralds other than Emerald City Mall.

Commands Edit

The Emerald City Mall can be accessed by typing /warp mall in the chat display

A player can check how much money they have by typing /money in the chat display.

To see the Acid Mines Rich 100 List type /money top <pagenumber> in the chat display.

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