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Commands are based on ranks. See the rank commands and permission page to see if you have access.

Basic Commands: Edit

  • /home <name> - Takes you to your home
  • /home set <name> - Sets your home to your current position
  • /home del <name> - Deletes your home
  • /home list - Displays whose homes you can visit

Guardian block Commands: Edit

  • /g block
  • /g block <x> <y> <z>
  • /g own
  • /g <zone> allow <player>
  • /g <zone> disallow <player>
  • /g <zone> info
  • /g <zone> welcome <message>
  • /g <zone> farewell <Set a farewell message>
  • /g <zone> toggle <option> Toggle a zone flag
    • protection - Remove and enable block protection
    • pvp - players can attack
    • creeper - explosion damage
    • mobs - evil mob spawning
    • animals - friendly mod spawning
    • fire - spread
    • water - spread
    • lava - spread
    • tnt - block explosion
    • enderman - damage / pick up items
    • decay
    • farmland
    • explosion
    • nomelt - ice stays cool
    • nofreeze - ice will not form (default will be as per region)
    • vines - spread
    • safeanimals - players can not kill friendly mobs
  • /g <zone> toggle dmg <damage type>

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