Fish Species Listing - Acid Mines Server Edit

Species Biomes (chance%) Conditions Appearance Use
1 Acidfish Deep Ocean (0.2, 10 in perfect conditions) More Details Clownfish
2 Anglerfish Deep Ocean (15) Below 20y Pufferfish
3 Bajafish The End (10) Below 10y Clownfish
4 Bass River (5) Pufferfish
5 Batfish Overworld (10) Below 50y Pufferfish
6 Beaconfish Frozen (10) Fish
7 Big Bass Ocean (3), Deep Ocean (5) Pufferfish
8 Birch Trout Birch Forest (20) Fish
9 Blinky Swamp (10) Clownfish
10 Bonefish Stone Beach (25), Desert (10), Savanna (10) Bone
11 Bunnyfish All Forests (5), Plains (5), Swamp (5) Clownfish
12 Cactifish Desert (10), Savanna (10) Pufferfish
13 Carp Ext Hills (15), Taiga (15), Plains (10), Swamp (10), All Forests (10) Fish
14 Catfish All Forests (5), Plains (5), Swamp (5), Stone Beach (20), Beach (15) Pufferfish
15 Clayfish Jungle (10), Beach (5), Ocean (5) Fish
16 Clownfish Beach, Beach Hi, Ocean, Ocean D Clownfish
17 Coalfish Overworld Below 50y Fish
18 Cocoafish Jungle Clownfish
19 Colossal Bass Ocean D, Sky Pufferfish
20 Cookiefish Desert, Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Plains Clownfish
21 Cool Catfish Ext Hill C Pufferfish
22 Cowfish Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Plains Clownfish
23 Creeperfish Desert, Mesa Salmon
24 Demonic Catfish Nether Pufferfish
25 Devil's Trout Nether Salmon
26 Diamond Carp Overworld Below 15y Fish
27 Dogfish Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Forest Cold, River Pufferfish
28 Dory Ocean Fish
29 Dragonfish End Above 100y Clownfish
30 Elderfish Ocean D Salmon
31 Ender Marlon End Salmon
32 Ender Perch End Fish
33 Fish n Chips Beach, Beach Hi Pufferfish
34 Fishmite River Fish
35 Fishy Psp Beach 69y, wear Psp's head Salmon
36 Flathead River Pufferfish
37 Flintfish Beach, Beach Hi, Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Mesa, Plains Fish
38 Flounder Ocean, Ocean D Clownfish
39 Forest Salmon Forest Cold Salmon
40 Genie Trout Ext Hill C Fish
41 Ghastlyfish Nether Pufferfish
42 Glowfish Nether Pufferfish
43 Goatfish Ext Hill C, Forest Cold, River Fish
44 Goldean Ocean, River Fish
45 Grouper Ocean, Ocean D Pufferfish
46 Guardian Fish Ocean D Pufferfish
47 Guitarfish River Pufferfish
48 Heisenberg Ocean D Fish
49 Icefish Frozen Fish
50 Jack'O'Fish Nether Pufferfish
51 Jungle Catfish Jungle Pufferfish
52 Kermate Swamp Clownfish
53 Killifish Ocean, Ocean D Clownfish
54 Lapis Trout Overworld Below 15y Fish
55 Lilyfish Swamp Salmon
56 Lungfish Ocean, River Salmon
57 Mackeral Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Ocean, Ocean D, Plains Fish
58 Marlon Ocean Salmon
59 Minerfish Overworld Below 50y Salmon
60 Minnow Ocean Fish
61 Monument Fish Ocean D Pufferfish
62 Nemo Beach, Beach Hi Clownfish
63 Ogrefish Swamp Pufferfish
64 Perch Beach, Beach Hi, Jungle, Ocean, Ocean D, Plains, River Fish
65 Pigfish Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Plains Salmon
66 Piranha Desert, River Pufferfish
67 Potato Fish Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Plains Pufferfish
68 Pretty Fish Flower Clownfish
69 Prismarine Trout Ocean D Fish
70 Pufferfish Beach, Beach Hi, Beach St, Ocean, Ocean D, River Pufferfish
71 Red Sandfish Mesa Salmon
72 Red Trout Mesa Salmon
73 Redstone Tuna Overworld Below 15y Salmon
74 Relicanth Ocean Below 50y Fish
75 Remoraid Ocean Fish
76 Salmon Beach, Beach Hi, Ext Hill C, Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Forest Cold, Plains, River Salmon
77 Sand Eel Desert Fish
78 Sandfish Desert Fish
79 Sardine Ocean, Deep Ocean Fish
80 Shadowcarp Forest Roof Salmon
81 Shroomfish Mushroom Salmon
82 Skeletonfish Beach St Fish
83 Slimyfish Swamp Salmon
84 Snakefish Desert, Mesa Fish
85 Snowycarp Frozen Clownfish
86 Squidfish. Ocean, Deep Ocean Salmon
87 Spiderfish Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Plains Pufferfish
88 Stinkfish Swamp Salmon
89 Stingray River Pufferfish
90 Stonerfish Beach St Clownfish
91 Stringfish Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Plains Fish
92 Suckerfish Beach, Beach Hi, River Fish
93 Swamp Tuna Swamp Fish
94 Tetra Ocean, Deep Ocean Salmon
95 Tigerfish Jungle, Ocean, River Clownfish
96 Toadfish Ocean, Deep Ocean Pufferfish
97 Tokesfish Nether Below 5y Salmon
98 Totenfish Overworld Above 250y Fish
99 Trout Jungle, Ocean, Plains, River, Fish
100 Tuna Ext Hill C, Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Forest Cold, Frozen, Ocean, Plains, River Fish
101 Witherfish Nether Pufferfish
102 Zombiefish Flower, Forest Bir, Forest Roof, Plains, River Salmon

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