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Emerald City Edit

Emerald City is a large city on the Acid Mines Server with an emerald theme. Many players have built a large number of structures here including both houses and shops. Plots of protected land can be purchased if players wish to build here.

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Players can get to Emerald City by typing /warp EC in the chat display.

The main attractions of Emerald City include:

Agility Training Courses - There are two agility training courses in EC. One for beginners and one for experts - be careful not to mix them up, it can lead to a speedy death.

Armour Store - unbreakable leather armour of all colours available for purchase here.

Card Trade Centre - Players can trade their unwanted Acid Cards here to assist with completing their collections.

Emerald block statue - A large statue of an emerald block being mined.

Emerald City Apartments - Can't be bothered building a house? Nee

d somewhere to live while building? There are Luxury apartments for rent here.

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Emerald City Mall - Players can trade emeralds for money and vice versa. Also some rarer items for sale here including horse armour, leads, saddles & name tags.

Pet Shop - Cats, Dogs and Horses of all colours and types are available for purchase here

Tavern - A place to wile away the hours in a drunken stupor.

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